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Boring Rods and Accessories


Boring rods for determining normal soil profiles up to 10m deep

These boring rods (Ø 22 mm) consist of the following single parts:

  • Boring channel, total length 1100 mm, effective length 1000 mm with 12 mm channel for taking soil sample.
  • Extensions 1000 mm long, 5/8“ internal thread both ends.
  • All parts may be exchanged as desired and connected with bolts. The boring rod length can be changed to suit requirements.
  • The upper end of the rod is fitted with an impact head for hammer-impact operation, or with a special impact head that matches the given impact machine.
  • To assure that the rods can always be screwed tightly together, we recommend using two special spanners.
  • For pulling off the rod we offer a hoisting unit which consists of a lifting jack, a lifting rod and a clamping chain.
  • Another alternative for drawing the rod is the single-arm drawing unit with integrated ball clamp.
Art. No. Article Description Price in EUR*
1100 Boring channel Ø 22 mm, NL 1000 mm, slot 12 mm 116,50
1101 Extension with 5/8“ internal thread 65,00
1102 Connecting bolts, 5/8“ external thread SW 18 29,20
1103 Special screw spanner SW 18 33,60
1049 Impact head for manual probing 58,30
1110 Hoisting unit with lifting rod (short) 315,90
1111 Lifting rod (long) 127,70
1112 Clamping tool 202,80
1113 Clamping chain 34,80
1120 Single-arm drawing unit with integrated ball clamp 1061,80
1125 Single-arm drawing unit for probes and rods Ø 32-65 mm, lifting tube Ø 44 mm x 1500 mm (reinforced on one side), lifting force approx. 4 t, weight approx. 20 kg 779,60
1126 Jaw clamp 566,80
645250 Fieldbook holder made of wood, size DIN A4, weight 0.6 kg 54,90
645242 Fieldbook holder made of plastic, size DIN A4, weight 0.4 kg 72,80
645245 Fieldbook holder made of wood, size DIN A3, weight 0.9 kg 87,50
645260 Fieldbook holder made of plastic, size DIN A3, weight 0.7 kg 126,60

*All prices are without applicable taxes or VAT, shipping and packaging not included.