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Soil sampling technology

Taking reliable soil samples and their precise analysis allow accurate soil evaluation and provide detailed information on soil nutrients, which indeed can vary widely even over small areas. This is the predominant requirement for achieving high yield agriculture and is indispensable in Precision Farming.

Taking soil samples may be done either by hand or by machine. For both methods we not only offer a wide selection of tools and machines, but also the equipment for both big and small jobs. Nietfeld’s the one to contact for special needs and applications (click on Customized Equipment).

Vehicle: Special Lightweight Trailer
Manuelle Verfahren Manual process
Benzingetrieben schlagend Gasoline-powered, impact drive
Bohrverfahren Boring process
Elektrisch schlagend Electrical impact drive
Hydraulisch schlagend Hydraulic impact drive
Rammkernsonden Ram core probes
Vehicle: Kubota RTV-X900

MP UP Kubota

Handkarren (Parzellen Beprobung) Hand carts (parcel sampling)
Raupenleichtfahrzeuge Lightweight crawler vehicle
Kleintraktoren Small tractors
Anhängerausführung Trailer design
ATV 4x4 (All Terrain Vehicles) 4x4 ATV (all terrain vehicle)
Gator 6x4 6x4 Gator vehicle

The Peters Company offers soil sampling equipment and the optimum transport vehicles. Everything you need, and built with the latest available technology!