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Speedprob is a towed work implement for extracting soil samples at a depth of 12-30 cm at a travelling speed of 8-12 km/hr., depending on the soil type and properties.
The extraction cycle lasts only about 8-10 seconds, i.e. for 16 penetrations per mixed samplings the extraction of the complete sampling takes about 4 minutes, including driving time.
The Speedprob has a magazine for 15 soil single samplings, i.e. enough to allow 1 hour of continuous soil sampling on normal soil without any interruption for emptying the container.
Sample extraction while travelling considerably reduces clutch wear and driver effort because constant stopping and starting, and thus clutch engagement, are eliminated.

max depth 30video

Functional Description:
  • A swivel-arm type probe swivels to the front while the probe extends outwards at the same time. The swivel arm and the probe reach the forward-most start point at the same time.
  • Next the probe penetrates the soil as the swivel arm again travels back, synchronously with the travel speed. The probe starts to retract as soon as the swivel arm reaches the vertical position. The magazine and the soil receiving hopper tilt towards the probe, which in turn empties into the hopper, which then feeds the soil sample into the container. The next extraction cycle is now ready to start.
  • To protect the machine, sample taking cannot be initiated at travel speeds that are higher or lower than specified.