Die anhaltenden Preissteigerungen in allen Bereichen können auch wir nicht weiter kompensieren und sehen uns zu Preiserhöhungen gezwungen. In einem ersten Schritt gilt ab 01.03.22 eine neue Preisliste für unsere Werkzeuge zur manuellen Bodenprobenahme / We cannot compensate for the ongoing price increases in all areas and feel compelled to raise prices. As a first step, a new price list for our tools for manual soil sampling will apply from March 1st, 2022. / Мы не можем компенсировать продолжающийся рост цен во всех областях и вынуждены повышать цены. В качестве первого шага с 1 марта 2022 года будет применяться новый прайс-лист на наши инструменты для ручного отбора проб почвы.

Affiliated Companies

On this page you find some of our affiliated companies we have a long-lasting and
reliable collaboration with. Like us, each of them stands for high quality and good
service. Take a few minutes to look over these interesting services.
  • Arndt Kerkenpass
    Certified, independent, soil sampling specialist and GPS-user. Since 1990 he’s been active as a soil sampling specialist. He also operates a geophysical measuring instrument (soil density and electrical conductivity measurement) for displaying soil variations. GPS area surveying, data computation and generation of surface maps are among his range of services.


  • Agrisystem.pl
    Our partner for soil sampling located in Poland. Agrisystem.pl offers GPS area surveying, soil sampling (incl. analysis) and the generation of soil and nutrient maps for clients.


  • Pet Crematorium in Rosengarten Badbergen
    Located in the heart of the Artland Region, nestled in quiet fields and pastures, you’ll find this historic farm estate which houses the pet crematorium and pet funeral services of the Nietfeld family. Here you’ll find services that allow pet owners to depart from their beloved house pets according to individual wishes and in a peaceful ambience.
  • machinery ring Rheinland-West e.V.


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  • ALWB - Arbeitskreis Landwirtschaft, Wasser und Boden im Rhein-Sieg-Kreis

Logo ALWB Wahnbachtalsperrenverband

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Please accept our best thanks of a long-standing and solid cooperation.