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NH 90-UP

The NH 90-UP is a sample extractor for taking mineralised nitrogen soil samples (no automatic emptying of the slot).

By using electrical energy for the hammer system and hydraulic power for all functions, we have succeeded in putting a highly efficient and minimal wear machine into operation. Because of its low weight (approx. 160 kg incl. power-pack), it is ideal for mounting to lightweight vehicles.
This soil sampling unit is especially easy to operate. It has everything a machine needs for professional and long lasting operation.

max depth 90 neuvideo

Functional Description:
  • Impact-ram system. The boring rod is hammered into the ground by a Lifton high frequency hydraulic hammer and is then rotated 360° or more by a hydraulic motor
  • Then it is lifted out of the ground by the lift carrier
  • Next the sample soil is taken from the boring rod at 30 cm (12“) intervals using a chisel and put into appropriate containers
  • The boring tower is constructed of aluminium structural members that have on one side a roller guide that allows the tower to be lifted or lowered
  • The lifting carrier travels on the opposite side of the grooved track and also has a roller guide