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N 2012

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The "N2012" is the electrically driven boring system for taking soil samples until max. 30 cm (12") deep.
Operated through the on-board network of the carrier vehicle, a separate drive unit is not necessary. Occurring energy surpluses are continuously fed into the 60AH lithium ion rechargeable battery, which buffers occurring peaks in demand. A fully charged battery at the start of work guarantees the power supply for an entire workday with no need to interrupt for recharging. The machine has a single-button operating unit with a counter. Soil extraction is initiated from the driver's seat through the press of a button.
The machine can be mounted on almost every type of carrier vehicle. Because of the very low noise level, it is best suited for mounting on quads or other light vehicles. Also small all-terrain vehicles or on our AH3 lightweight special trailers are the ideal carrier vehicles.

Short description:
- Fully automatic
- Rapid (3 - 5 seconds per extraction)
- Precise
- Extremely quiet
- Lightweight (115 kg)


Suzuki Jimny N2012  013