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N 2006

The N 2006 is currently the most advanced and quickest soil sampler available on the market today.
The extraction cycle is between 3 to 5 seconds.
Because the unit is mounted on the side, it is possible to easily monitor actual sample extraction using the side-view mirror of the transport vehicle.
Another advantage is the reliable extraction of a sample at a desired depth in very hard soils. The transport vehicle needs only a minimum amount of counterweight.
The N 2006 comes equipped with its own hydraulic power unit, and is therefore independent of the transport vehicle’s hydraulic system. Control of the unit is done by a control unit with a counter.
The N 2006 assures professional soil sampling.

max depth 30     video

Functional Description:
  • Boring-type unit for taking soil samples until max. 30 cm (12”) deep
  • By using a special boring unit, you’ll get precise soil samples every time
  • The boring unit drives a corkscrew into the ground
  • A consistent and representative sample of soil from all layers is assured every time

N2006 an Grizzly1
N2006 an AnhaengerN2006 an Grizzly2