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Goettinger Boring Rods


The Goettinger boring rods were developed for extracting soil samples at depths of up to 90 cm and are especially suitable for taking soil samples for mineralised nitrogen evaluations. Soil sampling is done manually without the use of auxiliary tools such as hammers or draw hooks.
To keep the borer as thin as possible, while maintaining stability and elasticity, the boring slot is made to match heavy loading and made of special hardened steel. The well-thought out milled profile of the boring slot and a system of three matching borers in one diameter minimises the frictional forces while driving in and pulling out.
As a result taking samples, when compared to conventional soil sampling devices, is possible using far less effort.

The advantages:

  • Soil sampling can be done by one person
  • Total weight is only about 2.5 kg (6.5 lbs.)
  • Significantly higher productivity than other conventional manual devices
  • No damage to the field surface from vehicles
  • No damage to drains, cables or utility lines
  • Soil sampling is also possible even when the ground is wet
  • Exact separation of the 3 shifts when conducting mineralised nitrogen sampling.

Depending on the depth, 16 parallel probes by the Goettinger boring rods yield 500-1000g of soil, and thus allow reliable analyses. On very stony or dried out soil and on some very compact sandy soil, the Goettinger boring rods in some cases may not be used, or may have only limited use.

Art. No. Article Description Price in EUR*
5001 Goettinger boring rod (0-30 cm) Ø = 18 mm, slot= 14 mm 151,20

Goettinger boring rod (30-60 cm) Ø = 16 mm, slot= 12 mm

5003 Goettinger boring rod (60-90 cm) Ø = 14 mm, slot= 10 mm 151,20
5004 Complete set of Goettinger boring rods, consisting of each one boring rod (0-30 cm), (30-60 cm) and (60-90cm) 453,60

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