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Ford Ranger special conversion

Innovation made in Germany

Innovative pickup conversion for the Ford Ranger:
The soil sample extractor ('Multiprob 120', 'Multiprob 120-UP' or 'Duoprob 60-UP') is integrated with the pickup and driven by an oil pump installed under the engine hood.
With this vehicle it is not only possible drive on public streets and directly onto the field, but this variant also offers other advantages:

  • By placing the unit directly behind the rear axle and the large all terrain tires, we get
    • A considerably more advantageous weight distribution and significantly less pressure on the soil, along with good traction and better driving.
    • The elimination of the need for a separate drive unit.
  • Despite the conversion, there still remains enough space to attach holders for cool boxes and tool boxes, if requested (as shown in the photo).
  • Despite the installation of the machine, the total weight of the vehicle increases only by a small amount compared to the initial weight of the pickup before the conversion.
Functional Description:
  • Oil pump switch-on by additional pushbutton. Additional function description depends on the type of installed soil sample extractor unit (see 'Multiprob 120', 'Multiprob 120-UP' or 'Duoprob 60-UP').


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