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The DUOPROB 60-UP is a hydraulically powered unit that’s also used for extremely hard soils, max. extraction depth 60 cm. It’s known for its excellent price-performance ratio. DUOPROB 60-UP offers two different control programs: N-min samples 60 cm with layer separation or standard samples (max. 30 cm) without layer separation. The DUOPROB 60-UP operates very rapidly – one work cycle takes about 20 - 25 sec.
This machine assures professional soil sampling. Control of the unit is done by a control unit with a counter. DUOPROB 60-UP needs a 12 V DC power supply and hydraulic power of 28 liters per minute with max. 140 bar. Program selection is done with a program selector switch at the control enclosure, and operation is controlled by a tethered control panel for functions “emergency stop”, “start extraction”, “stop extraction” and a counter.
DUOPROB 60-UP is easy to run on tractors, but also adequate for installation on
- Pickups
- Light vehicles like John Deere “Gator”, Kawasaki “Mule”, Kubota “RTV” etc.
- Our special trailer “AH1”
(for installation on vehicles without own hydraulic system a separate power-pack comes into operation)

layer seperation 60video

Functional Description:
• Impact-ram system. The boring rod is hammered up to 75 cm (30“) deep into the ground by a high frequency (2500 blows/min.) hydraulic hammer
• Then the boring rod is rotated and pulled up 30 cm (12“)
• The soil sample from the range of 0-30 cm (12“) is put into Container I
• The soil sample in the range of 30 – 60 cm (12“ to 24“) is placed into Container II by the automatic movement of two containers
• The remaining 15 cm (6“) is discarded
• It’s also possible to extract soil samples from 0-30 cm (0“-12“) deep (comparably first geologic horizon; 0-10 cm meadows and pastures, 0-30 cm arable land) without layer separation. In this case a mixture of 15 single bore samples is filled into each container

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